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Eye Care News
[1/1] MedicineNet Eyesight General
MedicineNet Eyesight General

[1/10] Laser Pointers Probably Won't Damage Pilots' Eyes …

[2/10] Sty Symptoms and Signs

[3/10] Sty Treatment

[4/10] antipyrine and benzocaine otic (Auralgan, Aurodex - removed from market)

[5/10] What Are Cataracts? Test Your Knowledge

[6/10] acetazolamide (Diamox, Diamox Sequels)

[7/10] Healthy Amount of Vitamin C Might Keep Cataracts at Bay

[8/10] Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and Magnifying Glasses

[9/10] Scleritis

[10/10] Contact Lenses May Disrupt Eyes' Natural Bacteria, Study Suggests
[1/1] Eye Health / Blindness News From Medical News Today
Eye health is a broad subject that includes conditions such as blindness, allergies, color blindness, sties, eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration (AMD), surgical procedures such as cataract surgery, cornea transplant, and vision problems including astigmatism, blurry vision, hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness).

[1/10] Preventing secondary cataract

[2/10] First small molecule targeted therapy to mitigate hearing loss in Usher syndrome type 3

[3/10] Australia on track to eliminate blinding trachoma, but children in hotspots remain at risk

[4/10] 20 year-old puzzle solved through genetic advances: A genetic corneal dystrophy disorder

[5/10] Researchers develop magnifying smartphone screen app for visually impaired

[6/10] New neurodevelopmental syndrome identified

[7/10] New genetic risk factors for myopia discovered

[8/10] A better understanding of bananas could help prevent blindness

[9/10] Promising new compound protects neurons and vision in mice with glaucoma

[10/10] Laser pointers 'do not damage the eyesight of aircraft pilots'

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Doctor Jason A. Crawford of Northcross Eye Associates provides eye examinations and eye care treatments using the latest advances in technology in a family-friendly atmosphere.

We care about each of our patient's visual health and utilize state-of-the-art systems to evaluate and appropriately manage eye issues associated with diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, autoimmune disease, and many others. We take most medical insurances and vision plans. We'd be happy to perform contact lens consultations, computer vision evaluations and offer advice on refractive surgery such as Laser Vision Correction (LASIK). We offer the latest in fashion eyewear and sunglasses and are skilled in helping patients find the most flattering and functional eyewear to fit their lifestyles.

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