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Eye Care News
[1/1] MedicineNet Eyesight General
MedicineNet Eyesight General

[1/10] bimatoprost, Latisse, Lumigan

[2/10] timolol ophthalmic solution (Timoptic, Timoptic-XE, Timoptic in Ocudose)

[3/10] Pink Eye: Facts About Pink Eye

[4/10] Daily Statin Might Raise Your Risk for Cataracts: Study

[5/10] Vitamins May Help Prevent Eye Problems After Weight-Loss Surgery, Study Finds

[6/10] Ophthalmologista and Optometrists: Similarities and Differences

[7/10] Stargardt's Disease: A Form of Vision Loss

[8/10] Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses

[9/10] Causes of Retinal Detachment

[10/10] Health Tip: What's Behind Allergic Pinkeye?
[1/1] Eye Health / Blindness News From Medical News Today
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[1/10] Added benefit not proven for aflibercept in diabetic macular oedema

[2/10] New guidelines for screening in preschoolers presented in Optometry and Vision Science

[3/10] New discoveries in age-related macular degeneration

[4/10] Stem cells from a patient's healthy eye could one day be used to repair a scarred cornea

[5/10] Understanding recovery process could have implications for many different injuries of the central nervous system

[6/10] Enzymatic activity essential for vision may provide target for drug transport

[7/10] Top-selling eye vitamins found not to match scientific evidence

[8/10] Vast majority of ophthalmologists treating uveal melanoma use molecular testing to guide patient care

[9/10] Hybrid chemical/genetic therapy restores light sensitivity to retina in blind mice and dogs

[10/10] The retina changes its "language" with changing brightness

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Doctor Jason A. Crawford of Northcross Eye Associates provide eye examinations and eye care treatments using the latest advances in technology in a family-friendly atmosphere.

We care about each of our patient's visual health and our professional services include computer-assisted comprehensive eye exams, digital eye imaging, contact lens consultations, computer vision evaluations and Laser Vision Correction (LASIK). We offer the latest in fashion eyewear and sunglasses and are skilled in helping patients find the most flattering and functional eyewear to fit their lifestyles.

Our Pediatric Vision Clinic specializes in pediatric eye care and offers testing and treatment for such pediatric disorders as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, lazy eyes, strabismus (crossed eyes), focusing, eye tracking, visual perception and reading problems as well as eye health problems. Our Pediatric Vision Clinic customizes eyeglasses and vision therapy programs to meet each child's specific needs.

Annual eye examinations are an important part of maintaining your best vision and eye health. Call or e-mail us for an appointment today. We're here to meet your eye care needs!